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Memphis Livin' DVD, Released Fri, 2010-02-19 I55 Music, LLC

Billy Lavenders Memphis Livin DVD


When artists such as Billy lavender and Brad Webb walk into a club, it's not uncommon for the band to stop in the middle of a song to announce their entrance. When artists such as U2 and BB King are in need of talented singers, they turn to Memphis in search of local legends such as Reba Russell.


When the European blues are in search of legendary musicians, they turn to famed artists such as Blind Mississippi, Danny Cochran or Russell Wheeler with his magical B-3 Leslie. Let's not forget Vince Johnson, whose smooth voice, stage presence, and entrancing harp transport us all to Beale Street. Memphis Livin' is more than just an album. It's the very essence of the Blues genre. Memphis Livin', featuring the finest musicians Memphis has to offer, encompasses virtually every form of blues from a Kansas City shuffle to the truly greasy northern Mississippi style. It has been said and remains true to this day, that Beale Street is the boot camp of the blues. If you can play there, you can play anywhere in the world.


Behind the blazing leads of Billy Lavender and the chest-thumping drums percussion of Tony Adams, Memphis Livin' will ensure that the blues spotlight remains where it belongs - shining brightly on the home of the blues and those real heroes who have dedicated their lives to ensuring this genre lives on for many more generations to come.

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